Food diary Saturday 6th September 2014

So tonight I am walking the Moonlight walk in aid of Myton Hospice which is a local hospice to me and its an amazing place! So I need to make sure I well fuelled (foodwise) so I can manage all 8 miles


1 x posh puppy sausage 3PP

1 slice of yeast free toast and spread 3PP



Duck Egg

2 bacon medallions

Homemade tofu and vegetable Thai green curry with brown rice 2PP

pre moonlight walk
Natures valley ginger crunch bars 5PP

weekly points remaining 9

exercise moonlight walk for myton hospice 8 miles in 150 mins = 14 points earned





Lovely dinner

I made this gorgeous dinner last week and just wanted to share it with you, super easy!!


Tin of Heinz Tuscan beans



halved cherry tomatoes


Put everything in to a casserole dish and bake at 180 degrees for 1 hour (if the fillets are whole, less if chopped)


I served mine with mashed potato and it would so lovely!!


Weigh in the results…………………

Before I get to my results just a little recap on my week.  Busy busy busy.  Work is manic, social life and obligation to friends and family manic!!  Hence why I haven’t had time to post my food diaries!

In some respects I literally cannot wait for little Clover to arrive so I can have a rest and I have the perfect excuse not to go out for a good while LOL!]

So I lost 1/2lb which quite happy with, I would have preferred a pound but its still a loss.  My food was spot on this last week but Friday night I did drink half a bottle of vodka that I wasn’t planned on consuming!!

Right now I’m just planned my weeks food.

Saturday night I am doing the Moonlight work for our local hospice, looking forward to that!

Weigh in the results……………

Gained half a pound.  I’m beyond disappointed, I really really didn’t deserve a gain.  But then I probably didn’t deserve 1.5lbs loss last week after my weekend away (more like half to 1lb would be more deserving) so I guess its caught up with me.

However, I am officially waging a war on my fat! I am going to be vengeful and ruthless and I will not give in- the fat will go before I give in!!

Food Thursday 28th August 2014

Another filling and healthy week

49 weekly points allowance


30g porridge oats soaked overnight in plain soya yoghurt with chopped pear and strawberries. 1 teaspoon choc shot


Natures valley granola crunch 5PP


WW wrap, wafer thin ham and cucumber.

French fries 2PP


jacket potato with beans

42 weeklies left