Weightloss Ward

A good friend of mine yesterday suggested that I watch weightloss ward. I missed the entire first series but watched episode 1 of the 2nd series last night.

I found it quite interesting and could relate to some of the reasons why people became obese, but I tend to myself go one step further and just admit that I am greedy cow who likes to eat a LOT of food that is high in sugar fat and all the other bad things.

I was taken aback by some of the mentality I perceived I saw. I think the bloke (I can’t remember his name) who had lost 5 stone then was going to have a bypass instead of another ballon was great – he really wanted to stay on track and do this for all the right reasons.

The lady with the london accent (I’m rubbish at names) I felt, and I might be wrong, that she had the “I’m going to have a massive blow out while I can” attitude and I am not sure that was really addressing her weight issues.

I look forward to watching more episodes and hopefully see how everyone is getting on.

What does everyone else think of this show?


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