Scales devil

Now I know that most consultants tell you not to keep weighing yourself on your scales at home, only trust the scales in class bla bla bla. Yes I know thats what I SHOULD DO but thats not what I ACTUALLY DO. My name is Lydia and I am a daily weigher.

I’ve given up trying to give up weighing my self every day. Nornally I find it motivating and it lets me know that I am either on track or not!

However today I get on and I am a pound down from my official weigh in weight last week, great stuff if I can drop another pound by tomorrow (WI day) thats great. Then I make the fatal mistake on hopping back on them – suddenly I’m 2lbs UP on official weigh in weight – W.T.F is going on!! Now I feel rubbish about myself and my efforts this week whereas if I had just stepped on them the once I would have felt on top of the world (I’m one of these people that is happy to lose 1lb a week and maintain a social life!).

Boo to scale addiction!!


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