My saggy body

Did anyone else watch My Saggy Body (or was it my baggy body – I’m terrible with names so please forgive me). I watched it on catch up yesterday. I really enjoyed the programme. Although I have to admit, having a weak constitution for such things, I couldn’t look at “fred” more than once or twice and turned away everytime the lady lifted up her skirt.

I found it an interesting programme and rather sad at the same time. I got the feeling that they all felt they would be happier without thier saggy skin that its removal was the route and link to happiness rather than being happy with themselves and their amazing achievements to date.

I loved the lad’s attitude to losing weight through Weightwaters that if he had had surgery he would have learnt nothing – that is so very true and led to an interesting question in my mind – Is weightloss surgery the easy option?

I’m not sure I know the answer all I know is my opinion which is slightly fence sitting – yes it is the easy option in that you will lose weight without having to really address the issues that led you to overeat in the first place, but also no its not the easy option in terms of the associated risks that come with such major surgery.

I do feel that there is something very “cleansing” for want of a better word about addressing why you are over weight, if you know WHY then surely its easier to do something about it????? I’m overweight because I eat too much, too much high fat high sugar foods. I know that there is no deep routed issues lying inside me that caused me to overeat I’m just a greedy cow!!

I know that if I eat the right foods (notice that I didn’t say eat less!!) and exercise regularly I will lose weight. Simple right? NO – I still on occasions have binges, but they are few and far between and for me thats entirely down to Slimming World.

I eat SO MUCH as you can see from my food diaries, when I stick to plan 100% I always lose weight. I am never hungry and me falling off the SW Choo Choo Train happens less and less now. I am completely satisfied with what I eat, I love the food, love the recipes, love trying new stuff. I honestly believe if you ate what I did for a day you would never believe it was “diet” food.

How lucky am I 🙂


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