Food diary Friday 28th February


chopped banana and pear, Mullerlight Raspberry and chocolate sprinkles yoghurt, 2 teaspoons chocshot (1 syn).

Melon. hifi light bar (toffee 3 syns)

1 WM roll (HEB), tuna, EL mayo (1 syn), cucumber, Mullerlight yoghurt, WW Creamy Korma Poppodom crisps (3.5)


Sticky lemon chicken (with added onions, babycorn and peppers) (1.5 syns), egg fried rice (with added peas and mushrooms).

HEA milk

Total syns for day – 10 – need to try and resist having anything later and stick to 10 syns





I’m a numpty…………

So for months and months now (well since I started SW in August) I have been having cooked breakfasts 4-6 days a week. When I can find them I have Linda McCarthney Red Onion and Rosemary Sausages, but as they are hard to find sometimes in good old Warwick, I tend to have the frozen Quorn sausages. Which I was sure, and thought I had double checked – were free WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Having a walk around Sainsburys with a good friend and fellow SW-er and I realised that the free sausages were actually called “Low fat” and in a cardboard box. The ones I have been having were in a plastic bag and 1 syn per sausages.

I don’t even want to add up the extra over and above synnage I’ve been participating in.

Thank god I realised now. This might just explain some STS I had been experiencing and not really felt I deserved.

Here’s a photo of the free ones.


A little challenge

So in class in Wednesday our consultant set us a little challenge, for the next week we have to do the following:

1/2 superfree instead of 1/3
Maximum of 10 syns per day
6-8 glasses of water.

Yesterday was the first day and I did ok. Had 9.5 syns, drank 4 pints of water (in addition to tea, coffee and my mormal first thing in the morning hot water with lemon and ginger). 1/2 superfree? Well overall during the day I would say yes but maybe not at every single meal.

Still its getting me thinking more about my meals, slotting in more fruit to my day.

Today is shaping up to be a good day as well. Tomorrow might be a little tricky, taking my “surrogate” daugther out shopping so we will have lunch wherever she wants to (she can twist me around her little finger but she’s such a darling)!! Know what I am having for breakfast and dinner, will wing it on the lunch front!

I like challenges, being uber competitive so lets see how this one shapes up over the week.

Food diary Thursday 27th February


35g shreddies (HEB1), 1 large pear chopped.

jacket potato with beans and cottage cheese. Cucumber.
Mullerlight yoghurt.
WW korma poppodom crisps 3.5 syns


wholemeal roll (HEB2), 40g LF cheddar (HEA1), cucumber, banana, Aldi version of mini twix (5 syns), spread (1 syn).

HEA2 milk

total syns for day 9.5





New finds

Well they might not be new to you but they are to me.

Our consultant brought some new stuff in for us to try last night in class and I can honestly say they were all totally lush!

Tescos Raspberry Malt Wheats – you can have 35g as a Healthy Extra B and were really yummy.

Walkers Pops – they are crisp of sort but air popped and only 4.5 syns per back. They come in Sour Cream and Onion, Prawn Cocktail and Cheese and Bacon flavour

Stix (no photo sorry!) – you can have 2 for a Healthy Extra B and are sweet and yummy and hit the spot! If you like Hifi Rocky Road then you will like these as well.



Weigh in the result…………..

Stayed the same and absolutely gutted. I had been bang on plan, plenty of exercise, totally deserved a loss. But heh ho thats weightloss for you.

My SW group consultant is absolutely amazing as are all the members, really supportive bunch and it was great to talk through ideas for ensuring weightloss next week.

So here’s my plan of action.

As you can tell from my food diaries I normally have a cooked breakfast and pretty much the same snack mid morning. I’m good at variety where my lunches and dinners are concerned but not my breakfast and snacks so thats what I am going to change up this week.

Going to ditch the cooked breakfasts except Saturday and/or Sunday and have more cereal with fruit or fruit and yoghurt. Using my HEB in the mornings on EE days will make me have fruit for snacks instead.

Also going to up my water in take and reduce the amount of coffee I have (I have one of those MASSIVE sports direct cups, swapped it this morning for a more normal size cup).

There’s a little challenge this week set by the consultant, 1/2 superfree, 10 syns max per day and 6-8 minimum of water. Going to give that a go.

Positive Pants up nice and high today, bring it on!!