The weekend

Had a weekend of mixed fortune! I can’t remember if I every mentioned that I am involved with boxing, I’m a press officer and child protection officer for a very successful local amateur boxing club – absolutely LOVE IT! LOVE boxing, bla bla bla.

We were out at a show Saturday with one of our boxers, who very convincingly won. Happy days.

Friday wasn’t such a good day, totally ate my weight in food after hearing a “friend” had made quite a nasty suggestion about me!

Got straight back on track Saturday, so fingers crossed I won’t have done too much damage.

I never really thought of myself as an emotional eater but maybe I am?

Also, I’m back using an Iphone after just got being able to get on with the Samsung, the only draw back is the picture quality on iphones is pretty crap. So I will have to take photos with my camera and upload that way, so there might not be quite as many photos as normal.


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