Fruyo yoghurts

I saw a review on weightloss bitch for Fruyo yoghurts. Now if WLB says they are gorgeous then I am going to totally believe her and try them myself and she hasn’t disappointed me!

They are LUSH!! Really creamy and thick without an artificial sweet taste about them which unfortunately a lot of low fat/fat free yoghurts have, its difficult to describe it sets my teeth on edge.

Fruyo are 2 syns per pot and worth every single syn in my opinion. I believe they come in peach, cherry, lemon and vanilla flavours although there maybe others. I tried the vanilla flavour.

The only problem I have had is finding them. My local tescos and sainsburys aren’t stocking them but my lovely friend Emma found some in Waitrose for me, so its off to Waitrose this weekend to stock up.

I’m thinking mixed with sugar free jelly and set these would make the most amazing blancmange although it would work out at approximately 1.5 syns per portion if you make 4 portions. Or alternatively you could use the vanilla ones (2 pots I would suggest) and mix through some water and gelatine for a panna cotta style pudding and perhaps drizzle 1 teaspoon of that lovely Hot Choc Shot everyone is talking about. Again this would work out at 1.5 syns per portion if 4 was made. Add some sliced strawberries and that would make a lovely dinner party pudding!


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