Weight Loss Bitch and my Biggest Loser ramblings

Now I adore Weight Loss Bitch, I read her blog every single day, I think she is one of the most amazing people on the face of the earth. I find her so inspirational and motivational, the woman is a machine and I mean that in the nicest sense of the term. I encourage everybody on Slimming World to read her blog!

She posted a blog post about the biggest loser – here it is

And it got me thinking about that programme. Now I have a love hate relationship with this programme. I watch it and I love watching it but I can get incredibly frustrated with the ethos behind it. Basically its creating an artifical, unrelistic environment for people to lose a HUGE amount of weight in a SHORT space of time, then they get thrown back to the wolves, whoops sorry their real lives and have to trying and keep up the routines and meals of life inside the biggest loser camp!! Some do it, some are employed by the Biggest Loser after the show and therefore have to maintain their finale weight or close to it!

Some however find this transition difficult at best impossible at worst. Have you ever wondered why they don’t do “Where are the now” follow on programmes regularly! Well I strongly suspect its because the majority have gained all or a large proportion of their weight and you can’t really be surprised can you. Real life and Biggest Loser Camp life are polar opposites. In real life we don’t have the time to exercise for 6 hours a day, we don’t have all the ingredients to make healthy meals available with no opportunity of sneaking out to supermarkets! Most of us don’t have to only think about ourselves and our own meals.

I read an article about a previous winner from an early series admitting that he was peeing blood at the finale he put his body through so much just to win! Is $250,000 really worth putting your health at risk? Clearly for a lot of people it is. But what happens then? They gain weight and the public feel cheated!!

I wouldn’t apply for the Biggest Loser – I fully realise that to put me in an articial environment would be the worst move on earth for me, it will teach me nothing and would only fuel my already competitive nature to a place that I don’t think would be healthy for me to go to!

So I will stick with Slimming World and the highs and lows that journey brings me, knowing that I WILL get to target weight in the future and I would have got there the HEALTHY way.

My ramblings for the day over 🙂

Have a good day ya’ll !


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