Eating out

Given my STS this week and my desire to get 1.5lbs off next week to get my 1 stone awards you can imagine my slight panic that I am eating out tonight.

I’m off to see Colin Fry with my good friend Claire, we are eating beforehand at Weatherspoons.

Woke up this morning panicking, panicking on the way to work then I looked at their menu, googled “syn values for Weatherspoons” and was very plesantly surprised to see that my two favourite options were low syn! Jacket Potato with Five Bean Chilli is only 1.5 syns. Five Bean chilli with rice and tortilla chips only 6 syns!! WOO HOO!!

The other option is Jacket potato with BBQ pulled pork (one of my all time favourite meat combos) is a new dish so I can’t find a syn value for it, can’t imagine its horrendously high.

So the moral of this tale is don’t panic, plan ahead what you are going to have and google the syn value!


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