Food diary Friday 7th February


chopped banana and pear with mullerlight yoghurt

Hifi bar (HEB)

BNS, coconut and lemon grass soup (1 syn)
Fruyo yoghurt (2 syns)
Weightwatchers cheese puffs (3.5 syns)

eat out at Witherspoons with a friend – had a look at the menu and I am think either Jacket potato with BBQ pulled pork or with Five Bean chilli or maybe the five bean chilli with rice. Evidently the jacket potato and chilli is only 1 1/2 syns whilst the chilli is 6 syns (tortilla chips), the pulled pork is a new dish so no syn values available yet. Leaning toward the chilli at the moment. Either way I will stay within my syns as I won’t be drinking.

HEA milk

total syns for day if I stick to the above at Weatherspooons maximum will be 12.5 syns


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