Mushy Pea Curry

I’m going to be having Mushy Pea curry tonight for tea (photo will be included in the food diary post later tonight). Thought I would share my recipe for this with you all. Its one of my absolute all time favourite SW recipes I adore it – although it can leave you a little “windy” 😉

So, superfree, as we all know we are supposed to have 1/3 superfree. With curries, stew, casseroles etc I am absolutely rubbish at having my 1/3 superfree on the side so I have to find ways of incorporating into the main dish. What I do is add up the weight of all the non superfree foods. So for Mushy pea curry, its about 996g (1 tin of baked beans and 2 tins of mushy peas), so for the curry alone you need to add 332g of superfree to ensure you comply with the 1/3 superfree rule. I’m adding mushrooms, passata, peppers and onions (I’ll put amounts later on), and from past experience of weighing the superfree it comes to about 1000g of superfree, so as you can see I am adding more than enough superfree to comply with the 1/3 rule even taking into account I will serve it with brown rice.

Personally I find this the easier way for me to ensure I get my 1/3, I only really had to work out the exact measurements once, as long as I don’t change the recipe I know everytime I make this recipe I’m getting my 1/3 superfree.

Can’t you tell I’m a PA by trade LOL!! Anyway without further delay here’s mushy pea curry:

1 tin baked beans (400g tin)
2 tins of mushy peas (approx 298g each)
1 500g carton of passata with garlic and herbs
1 250g bag of sliced mushrooms
2 large peppers any colour, diced
1 large onion diced
1 vegetable stock cube
curry to taste

1. In a large saucepan, in Frylight, fry off the onions, mushrooms, peppers until soft and onions are starting to turn golden, add curry powder and give a good stir.

2. Add all the other ingredients, bring to the boil, reduce to a low simmer and simmer for 20 minutes.

Serve on its own, with rice, or a jacket potato.

Using passata makes it thicker and creamier in my opinion, and you get 100g more superfree compared to a tin of chopped tomatoes.


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