Christine Bleakley The Workout

I bought this fitness DVD about 12 months ago in the sale for £1.99 then I read the reviews, which weren’t brilliant, so it got filed away to collect dust.

Yesterday I went for a swim first thing (I’m doing Swimathon on 23rd March) and was then supposed to go for a walk with a friend but that fell through. So I decided to dust this one off and give section 1 a go – it was only 30 minutes. But actually it wasn’t too bad at all and I would definitely do this on my “I only have 30 minutes spare to exercise” days.

Section 1 comprised of Warm up, Arm Sculptor, Core Cruncher and Leg and bum transformer and cool down. It last 32 minutes in all and I burnt 278 calories. If you are not a complete novice to exercise then you might want to add some light weights to the arm sculptor section which I did. the intro said that you only needed a towel for the sculpt section but I am not convinced that it would do much without weights, dyno band or resistance bands.

Section 2 had Bleakley blaster, kitt butt and interval training, and, this last approx 30 minutes as well.

Hoping to give section 2 a go soon so will update when I do.

If you see it going cheap then I would recommended you definitely buy it.





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