Thought I would do a little review of FitnessBlender. You can find them on YouTube. They post a variety of fitness proagrammes for you to work through. They are actually very good. They range in length, intensity, variety, equipment needed. Basically there will be a programme to cater to your every needs. they also have a website that you can view the videos from

I’ve done a few now and I really like them. There is no music and only one person on the screen so if thats a major sticking point for you then they are probably not for you.

There are just two people behind FitnessBlender, a husband and wife team called Daniel and Keli. Their ethos is that they work hard to create free full-length workout videos that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their income or access to a gym. They seem really determined to keep Fitness Blender free.

Ive done their 30 minute Tabata one a couple of times and absolutely love that and last night did the HIIT and Pilates one which consisted of 6 groups of 2 exercises – 1 pilates move and 1 cardio move, 30 seconds on 10 seconds rest. Plus the mandatory cool down and stretch. I burnt less than 300 cals in the 35 minutes but I can really feel it on my muscles today. I kinda like that muscle ache you get the next day, I know I’ve worked hard!

So I can highly recommend you giving FitnessBlender a go and the great thing is its FREE!! All you need in a computer/laptop.

You really don’t need a gym membership with programmes like this available, give them a go.




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