Weigh in the result…………..

Stayed the same and absolutely gutted. I had been bang on plan, plenty of exercise, totally deserved a loss. But heh ho thats weightloss for you.

My SW group consultant is absolutely amazing as are all the members, really supportive bunch and it was great to talk through ideas for ensuring weightloss next week.

So here’s my plan of action.

As you can tell from my food diaries I normally have a cooked breakfast and pretty much the same snack mid morning. I’m good at variety where my lunches and dinners are concerned but not my breakfast and snacks so thats what I am going to change up this week.

Going to ditch the cooked breakfasts except Saturday and/or Sunday and have more cereal with fruit or fruit and yoghurt. Using my HEB in the mornings on EE days will make me have fruit for snacks instead.

Also going to up my water in take and reduce the amount of coffee I have (I have one of those MASSIVE sports direct cups, swapped it this morning for a more normal size cup).

There’s a little challenge this week set by the consultant, 1/2 superfree, 10 syns max per day and 6-8 minimum of water. Going to give that a go.

Positive Pants up nice and high today, bring it on!!


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