A little challenge

So in class in Wednesday our consultant set us a little challenge, for the next week we have to do the following:

1/2 superfree instead of 1/3
Maximum of 10 syns per day
6-8 glasses of water.

Yesterday was the first day and I did ok. Had 9.5 syns, drank 4 pints of water (in addition to tea, coffee and my mormal first thing in the morning hot water with lemon and ginger). 1/2 superfree? Well overall during the day I would say yes but maybe not at every single meal.

Still its getting me thinking more about my meals, slotting in more fruit to my day.

Today is shaping up to be a good day as well. Tomorrow might be a little tricky, taking my “surrogate” daugther out shopping so we will have lunch wherever she wants to (she can twist me around her little finger but she’s such a darling)!! Know what I am having for breakfast and dinner, will wing it on the lunch front!

I like challenges, being uber competitive so lets see how this one shapes up over the week.


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