Stupid excited

About my new griddle pan from ikea only £8.75 what a bargain



Weigh in the result …..

Lost 1 lb happy with that

Apologies for lack of post having major problems at work and it’s unbelievably busy for me as a result as I’m doing 2 jobs right now can’t say much more than that right now.

Off on holiday Monday to centre parcs can’t wait for the long walks in the forests and lounging about reading and watching DVDs just what I need right now.

Hopefully things will settle down at work soon so I can get back to posting regularly


Food diary Monday 24th March

Green Day

30g Special K Granola (HEB1), fat free greek yoghurt, chopped banana, choc shot (1 syn).

Hifi Rocky Road (1/2 HEB2)

Easy Peasy Cheesy Pie, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Walkers Pops (4.5 syns), Mullerlight yoghurt (new flavour cocunut and lime)


Cherry tomato and parmesan frittata (HEA1), new potatoes, salad, EL mayo (1 syn). Hifi Rocky road (1/2 HEB2), 2 finger kitkat (5.5 syns)

HEA2 skimmed milk

total syns for day 12

Exercise Aquatfit (60 mins)




New Healthy Extras

Our consultant shared with us last week some new healthy extras, so thought I would pass on the good news:

Oat so Simple have brought out some new express porridges with added rye and barley. Honey, Fruit Muesli and orginal, I know the honey and fruit muesli ones are healthy extras assume the original are to. 1 Sachet is a healthy extra B.

Also Special K have brought out some granola, I had it for breakfast and its absolutely gorgeous, you only get 30g for a healthy extra B but I had mine with fat free greek yoghurt and a chopped banana and I am stuffed! Green or red days and you could have 60g and use both B choices and have a decent amount.




Easy Peasy Cheesy Pie

Easy Peasy cheesy pie

I made this for class last week when we had a taster session and it went down a storm, it was totally lush, so having it for lunch today and tomorrow.

So I thought I would share the recipe with you 🙂

Food diary Sunday 22march

Extra easy day

Scrambled eggs, bacon, tomatoes, 2 slices WM toast 2 syns and HEB)

Bfree wrap (4.5 syns) ham

Beef and mushroom stroganoff with tagliatelle. WW cheesecake (10.5 syns)


Total syns for day 17

Gone slightly over my syns today but I’m not going to worry too much it was only 2 and I will make them up before weigh in day.

Completed my swimathon today in 68 mins so 3 mins quicker than the last time I did it. Very happy with my achievement but pretty tired now.