New finds

Thought I would share with you some new finds.

Twinnings have brought out some new green teas. Now I normally hate green tea and no amount of posts and articles about the great benefits in terms of weightloss gained from drinking the stuff ever made it palatable for me. Until now that is. The new flavours are Salted Caramel, Gingerbread and Caramalised apple, they are actually very nice, my favourite is definitely the apple.

So if like me you don’t really like the taste of green apple give these a go!

Tescos Rapsberry Malt Wheats are now an healthy extra B choice (35g), they are basically rapsberry flavourite shreddies and they are absolutely gorgeous.

My new best friend since Hifi Rocky Roads are becoming more difficult to get hold of is Honey Monster’s Stix bars – they come in two flavours Honeycombe and chocolate and marshmallow. Only have found honeycombe so far but they are LUSH, LUSH, LUSH, I would go as far to say as I like them more than Rocky Road!! Two are a healthy extra b or 3 syns each for the marshmallow and 2.5 syns for the honeycombe and you get 7 in a box. You have to try these.

Finally, Kallo corn & rice sweet chilli snacks – these are 4.5 syns per bag and its a pretty big bag to be honest. Not tried them yet, will have a bag with my lunch today. I have high hopes though as I love anything sweet chilli.








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