Its all about this little changes sometimes….

I’m off round to friends tonight for dinner. Whilst there is no doubt I am thoroughly looking forward to it, mainly to catch up with my good friends whose company I always enjoy (and their son who is the funniest kid of his age I know). It also fills me with trepidation because I feel so focussed, motivated and determined where Slimming World is concerned right now, I get a little anxious over anything that might ruin a good on plan day or send me off the rails to a place where I will stuff my face to near sickness with all the stuff that got my to the point where I needed to join Slimming World – hope that makes sense.

To help retain some control over proceedings, I offered to make the pudding and I have made the Baileys Cheesecake, I just hope they like it. They aren’t SWers like me so fingers crossed. It looks lovely and I tried a little bit of the filling last night and it tasted great to me.

Its probably not brilliant that I feel a little anxious about eating at a friends house. But not so long ago I would have happily accepted the invite and just decided that the whole day was going to be off plan, any excuse not to stick to my diet. I feel rather proud that actually I don’t throw away whole days like that anymore and I have a far more determined outlook to such things. One ruined meal doesn’t have to mean a whole day ruined or week etc etc. My consultants says that if you were given 7 red roses and 1 died you wouldn’t throw away the other 6? Its such a great analogy. Its these little changes I have made to my mindset that seen to be the crux of my new found determination where Slimming World is concerned.

They are cooking chicken Fajitas with loads of onions, mushrooms and peppers. I love fajitas!!! I know that the wraps aren’t that SW friendly, but in the scheme of things there are far worse things I could be having.

So all in all, I am sure its going to be a most enjoyable evening!

Here”s the Baileys cheesecake recipe for you:

Baileys Cheesecake

Ingredients for 10 people ) (4 syns per slice) (or 5 syns if you make 8 slices)

10 Fox’s Ginger Crinkle Crunch biscuits (25 syns)
3 medium white eggs (free)
4 tsp powdered gelatine (free)
454g/1lb quark skimmed milk soft cheese (free)
500g fat-free natural fromage frais (free)
4 tbsp Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur (11 syns)
3-4 tbsp granulate artificial sweetener (free)
5 teaspoons chocshot (2.5 syns)

1. Preheat the oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas Mark 5. Grease and line an 20cm/8in spring clip cake tin. Place the biscuits in a plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. In a bowl lightly beat 1 egg white, add the biscuits and mix. Press evenly over the base of the cake tin and bake for 15 minutes until firm and golden. Leave to cool.

2 Dissolve the gelatine in 4 tablespoons of boiling water. Mix the quark with the fromage frais, liqueur and sweetener. Whisk the remaining egg whites until stiff, then fold into the quark mixture with the gelatine. Pile on top of the base and smooth the top. Chill for at least 3 hours until set.

3 Release the cheesecake, slice and transfer to a serving plate. Drizzle over the chocshot before slicing.

4 Tip: You can make the cheesecake a day in advance – simply cover it in the tin and chill. Add the Chocshot just before serving.
5 Agar agar can be used instead of gelatine if preferred.

PS I will post a photo of the cheesecake later when its been drizzled with ChocShot.


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