My new exercise DVDs

I bought a couple of new DVDs last week reduced in HMV:

The Firm Bootcamp Maximum Calorie Burn (suspect it was reduced as in the corner it says 50 minute dance workout its definitely NOT a dance workout LOL!).

Its 50 minutes of high intensity interval training, masquerading as Plyometrics section, then cardio section, then plyometrics then cardio and so and and so on. Its actually very good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s the instructor plus two others one of which does the beginner/low impact version. Well worth the £5 I paid for it.

Next was 10 minute solution 5 Day Get Fit Mix again this was £5. I own several 10 minute solution DVDs. I like them because you can fit this around your availabile time to exercise. I often turn to these DVDs if I have only 30 minutes spare to exercise. You can also customise the order in which you do the sections which I think is a neat function.

This one I have to say is my absolute favourite of all the 10 Minute Solutions DVDs I own. It really pushed me and worked every single part of my body – the 5 sections were – Cardio kickboxing, Fat blasting intervals, Power Yoga, Belly Fat Burner and Lean Body Scuplt. You will need some light handweights for this DVD but that about it. I burn over 400 calories doing this!!

Another highly recommended DVD.





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