Food diary Tuesday 29th April and mini SW food haul

extra easy

Magic pancakes, chopped pear, choc shot HEB plus 1 syn

Alpen light bar (3 syns) satsuma

Mugshot, muller light yoghurt, walkers pop crisps 4.5 syns

Mexican chicken 1 syn with brown rice.
Mini party rings 5.5 syns

almond milk

total syns for day 15.5 again can’t believe over miscalculated!!! Grrr. Morale is to work out my syns value before I put the food in my mouth!!!

Popped into Tescos on way home from work to see if I could pick up any SW bargains. Stix bars (the white ones) were reduced to clear at 89p a pack (I think because use by date is July 2014). Alpen light bars are still 2 packs for £3 so picked up a couple of more boxes. Options hot chocolate sachet were on offer as well. I really like to cook these with Quinoa for breakfast then add fruit. One sachet serves two or 1 serving over 2 days which is what I mostly do.

Not looking forward to weigh in. Other than 1 meal out and going over my syns by half the lady two days I have stuck to plan but gained an astonishing amount due to these damn steroids – not too sure why I get down over it. It always happens when I am on them but made a conscious effort to stick to plan as much as possible this week. Been drinking approx 2-3 litres of water a day since I’ve been on the steroids as I’ve been experiencing raging thirst!!! Been on 8 steroids a day but also I have a steroid inhaler and a steroid based painkiller that I take every morning so adding it all up it’s probably a lot of steroids surging around my body. No wonder I’m shaking like a shitting dog lol

Still that’s enough of me feeling sorry for myself.

Off to fester in my bed and meal plan for the next week or so….





Alpen Light Bars

You may have already seen this on the Slimming World Website:

You may have heard via Facebook about a recent change to Alpen Light bars. We became aware of the changes earlier this week and we know that any change to a Healthy Extra choice is a hot topic for members. So our Food Co-ordination team here at Head Office have been in touch with Weetabix, the company that makes the bars, to find out the facts.

Weetabix have confirmed that Alpen Light bars have been revamped – they’re using a new recipe which contains more calories than the previous version, and considerably less fibre. As a result of the changes, Alpen Light bars can no longer be counted as a Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice. The two Healthy Extra choices for this product which appear on page 28 of the Food Optimising book will not appear in future Food Optimising books or other directories.

The new bars are rolling out into Asda first, followed by other supermarkets. It will take some time for the new recipe to make it into supermarkets so you may still be able to get hold of the old bars for a while yet, but we wanted to make you aware of the change as soon as possible.

As a guide the new style bars say ‘Now… even more delicious!’ on the front of the pack and the higher calorie figure is also displayed on the packaging.

Here are the latest nutritional details we have on the new Alpen Light bars:

Summer Fruit 21g, 79 kcal, 1.8g fibre 4 Syns per bar

Cherry Bakewell 23g, 88 kcal, 2.0g fibre 4½ Syns per bar

Apple Sultana 23g, 86 kcal, 1.9g fibre 4½ Syns per bar

Lemon Drizzle 23g, 85 kcal, 2.0g fibre 4½ Syns per bar

Chocolate & Fudge 23g, 89 kcal, 2.0g fibre 4½ Syns per bar

Double Chocolate 21g, 81 kcal, 1.8g fibre 4 Syns per bar

Other Healthy ‘b’ choices

We know many of you will be disappointed about this news. There are still delicious Healthy Extra ‘b’ cereal bars available – you’ll find the choices in the Food Diary online.

I’m pretty disappointed, I love Alpen Light bars. There is some good news though, each pack has approx a year shelf life and Tescos and Sainsburys are currently selling the HEB friendly ones (70 cals) for 2 boxes for £3 so I have been stocking up, think I am up to about 12 boxes so far LOL!

There are some alternatives, the SW Hifi Bars are pretty nice, my personal favourites are the Salted Caramel (1 for HEB or 6 syns each) and the rocky road (2 for HEB or 3 syns each). My non SW favourites have to be Stix Bars they come in two flavours and are 2 for a HEB or 2.5/3 syns each depending on the flavour(choccy caramel type one is 2.5 syns, the white yoghurty ones are 3 syns), another good thing about the Stix bars is that you get 7 in a pack for about £1.99 so better value than the SW Hifi Light bars.

Food diary Monday 28 April 2014

extra easy day

Magic pancakes chopped pear and choc shot 1 syn.

Alpen light bar 3 syns

Leftover ham and spud bake.
Muller light yoghurt.
Walker pops 4.5 syns

Banana and satsuma

Pappardelle all amatricana from new mag 2 syns for cheese)
Muller choc dessert 5 syns

Almond milk

total syns
15.5 syns whoops!





End of another weekend….

So here we are at the end of another weekend. I’m feeling a little down to be honest – last week doctor put me on steroids – not an unregular occurrence but I always gain weight with them. On 8 a day until Wednesday. I’m starting to gain weight. To be honest I knew this would happen and originally thought “sod it I’ll have a blow out week because I’m going to gain weight regardless” but I decided that wasn’t the right path to take. This journey is hard enough for me as it is so why make it deliberately more difficult. So other than a night out with friends last night I have been and will remain 100% on plan and take any gain on the chin knowing that I can feel proud of myself for remaining on plan.

This virus has really knocked me for 6 six though. Did a spot of shopping yesterday in Coventry for my mums birthday and I was so weak and wobbly it was a struggle to walk back to the car!!! Then the god squad was out telling all the women to stop dressing like whores and turn to god!!! I wouldn’t mind so much but I was covered from neck to toe lol!!!

Anyway as a consequence I just don’t feel up to a gym session which is annoying me no end!! I think I need more patience!! I’m not good at waiting to feel better I want to feel better immediately and clearly my body has other ideas at the moment!

So today has been a good food day – an extra easy day

2 poached eggs, tomatoes, beans, bacon, 2 sausages 4 syns slice of toast and spread (HEB plus 1 syn)

Ham and spud bake (from family feasts cookbook), 3.5 syns, purple sprouting. Muller choc mint dessert with squirty cream 6 syns.


total syns for day 14.5



Yesterday’s chilli

Last week on a SW FB page I saw this chilli and thought I sounded divine so gave it a go last night and it lived up to my high expectations lol!

It yielded 6 very generous portions so is a cheap meal

500g quorn mince
Tin of red kidney beans
Tin of chickpeas
Carton of passata with garlic and herbs
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Bag of sliced mushrooms
Chopped peppers
Chopped carrots
Knorr rich beef stock pot (vegetable one if you want to keep this vegetarian)
Chilli powder
Salt pepper

I literally chucked everything in a pan brought to a boil then simmered very low for 90 mins.

Sainsbury’s currently offering quorn frozen products 3 for £5.50 so the mince cost less than £2!

Food diary Friday 25th April


2 quorn sausages (the free ones)
2 eggs
2 bacon
tinned tomatoes

2 x Stix bars (HEB)

Tomato and Herb mugshot
Aldi cheese curls (3.5 syns)
Mullerlight Yoghurt

Quorn and bean chilli with brown rice
2 x Green and Blacks mini choc bars (9 syns)

HEA almond milk

Total syns for day 12.5

No exercise as still feeling a bit weak and wobbly.








A little bit of usefullness

Quick guide to working out syns when you are on the go!

Quick guide to working out syns when you are on the go!

Some chocolate syn values, we all need that!

Some chocolate syn values, we all need that!

Muller syn values

Muller syn values

Thought this was a great visualisation

Thought this was a great visualisation

Another great visualisation for getting your head around EE - great for newbies

Another great visualisation for getting your head around EE – great for newbies

Thought you might be interested in some of these that I found during trawls through the internet.