I’m back!!!!

I’m back off holiday and have had a great time. Really didn’t do a lot other than walk through the Forrest, veg out in the villa and rest loads which was exactly what a needed especially after the last few weeks at work which were very stressful (hopefully I can explain all at some point in the future).

Whilst I ADORE my job not looking forward to going back tomorrow dreading what’s waiting for me.

Whilst I was away I ate shite morning noon and night and came back 6.5lbs heavier YIKES!!!!! I got straight back on track Saturday and started to fill out a SAS log and this morning 2lbs down already. Suspect when class arrives on Monday I will show a gain but if I can make a good dent into that 6.5lb gain then that’s very positive for me as I have in the past gone “sod it” and stayed off plan for weeks!

When we arrived back home we found the heating was broke, a radiator had corroded and leaked water all over the dining room. Then in a bid to get back on track I went to my circuits class at the gym fell over and sprained my ankle!!! It’s quite bruised and swollen at the minute and strapped up!!! That’s the three lots of bad luck now so the gods better be passing me good luck all damn week now. Especially as it’s show week!!! If you don’t know I am involved with a local boxing club where I am child welfare officer and press officer. I’ve been organising our home show which is this coming Saturday. So I will be flitting between nervous and excited all week.

Well that’s my news update. Trying out new recipes from the new mag this week so I will post those as well!


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