Back to normality????

I certainly hope so!!

Life has been super hetic for me recently and I think I am really beginning to feel it!

Lets do a quick catch up in order LOL!

I gained 2.5lbs last week at class, that was ok, it was after my holiday and when I weighed myself after said holiday I was 6.5lbs up, got straight back on track and managed to make quite a dent in that holiday gain.

I am optimistic for a loss this week, I’ve stuck to plan well but been so busy not had time to even think about munching on baddies let alone doing it. If I can get rid of the last 2.5lbs of the holiday gain I would be over the moon, will update later.

The boxing show I was organising was last week, it was a success and we had 6 wins out of 8 of our lads that were boxing, thats a pretty impressive win ratio (75%). The quality of the bouts were first class. So happy bunny with that but organising a show (especially as we decided to do this one with 5 weeks notice) is hard exhausting work and I am still feeling it now LOL!

Had a few upsetting incidents last week that as hard as I try have played on my mind. Last week a man from the old boxing club I was with (its a long long story so will cut as much as possible) called me a F’ing C**t, that he hated me then posted on twitter vile pictures of a near naked large lady (40stone plus) with some comment about eating all the pies and tried to tag me into that photo, I have quite an unusual first and surname, unfortunately my twitter name wasn’t what he tagged and he ended up tagging a young teenage girl up on Yorkshire. I think because it was such an overt display of public bullying thats why it upset me so.

Anyway I have retaliated or said anything, there’s no point as thats what these kind of people want.

I am actually proud of myself that I didn’t go and eat all the pies as a result LOL! I stuck to plan and when I get my loss tonight I’ll be giving this vile creature the bird in my mind 🙂

Onwards and downwards my friends………………..

So, I should be able to get back to regular posting now that life is settling a tiny bit. Although still doing two people’s jobs at work. *sighs*


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