Back to normality…..might have spoken too soon

So there I was just before Easter ready to get back into my blogging, sharing my Slimming World experiences with you then BOOM got struck down with this dreaded virus/fluey thing that’s going around. Did everything I could to keep it at bay – first defence, beachams powders, cough medicine, hot lemon and honey – nothing stopped it getting worse and worse until it landed on my chest.

Ended up having two days off work (today is one of them determined to go back to work tomorrow though, too too busy to be off). I went to the doctors and got the bla bla bla its viral no good giving you antibiotics it would just be a waste of money (whoops did I say that out loud I mean, it won’t touch the virus), but as I had moderately severe asthma (I say moderate my mother says severe LOL) they gave me steroids – eight of the blighters ever day for a week.

They are starting to work their magic on the rasping cough that has stopped me sleeping for several nights despite take Amitriptyline at night which normally knock me out cold!

Still got the cold although that’s also starting to improve will carry on taking the Beachams. Needless to say no exercise for over a week now, again another source of frustration for me! I LOVE my exercise. Hoping to be well enough for some form of exercise Sunday, that gives me 3 days to improve some more.

So last week I lost 1lb this week another 1/2lb off which I am happy with given the amount of time I lay stagnating in my bed! Just 1lb left of my holiday gain then I am back to the lightest I have been for 3 years so it would be lovely to get that next week. I’m out Saturday for a meal but other than that nothing should be standing in my way!

Weeks meals sorted, food order in………….Lets see what this coming week brings, wish me luck!!


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