I admit that I go through “obsessive” phases with my exercise, does anyone else relate to that?

For a long time I would only do Davina DVDs (she still rocks in my opinion and I love her DVDs), then it was 10 minute solution DVDs.

Now I’ve joined a gym. It was a no brainer decision really. I also do Aquafit (mainly so I can keep in touch with my “back in action” friends not because I feel I get too much physical/cardio benefit from it) then I added circuits on a Friday night which I love. Those two were costing me £10.75 a week. Yet for £25 a month I could join my local municipal gym on an NHS corporate membership and actually save money???? No brainer right! I get to use the pool, classes and the gym.

So now I find myself wanting to just do the gym, but I don’t think thats the right path, I think I need to mix things up. So on the back of that I ordered a new Kettlebell DVD (kettlebells another obsession of mine) called kettlecise Vol 1 plus a 4kg kettlebell – got them both for £30 which I thought was a bargain considering I was toying with the idea of getting JNL fusion which was £80!!!

I already have a 6kg kettlebell but since my Rheumatologist told me no running, no high high impact moves, no lifting heavy weights I’ve found my ceiling for maximum weights has reduced as a consequence. I have a couple of kettlebell DVDs already some of the moves I can do with the 6kg but others I struggle to do the full set, hence the purchase of a 4kg kettlebell.

So I am thinking, once I am completely over this virus I need to plan my exercise, what days I am excerising and what I intend to do, thinking of something along these lines:

Monday – aquafit
Thursday – DVD at home
Friday – circuits
Saturday – gym session
Sunday – gym session or DVD at home

I do think I need to ramp up my exercise a bit to help boost my weightloss, my body has been used to doing a lot of exercise so its more shocked when I don’t exercise than when I do.

Thoughts and comments welcome 🙂


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