End of another weekend….

So here we are at the end of another weekend. I’m feeling a little down to be honest – last week doctor put me on steroids – not an unregular occurrence but I always gain weight with them. On 8 a day until Wednesday. I’m starting to gain weight. To be honest I knew this would happen and originally thought “sod it I’ll have a blow out week because I’m going to gain weight regardless” but I decided that wasn’t the right path to take. This journey is hard enough for me as it is so why make it deliberately more difficult. So other than a night out with friends last night I have been and will remain 100% on plan and take any gain on the chin knowing that I can feel proud of myself for remaining on plan.

This virus has really knocked me for 6 six though. Did a spot of shopping yesterday in Coventry for my mums birthday and I was so weak and wobbly it was a struggle to walk back to the car!!! Then the god squad was out telling all the women to stop dressing like whores and turn to god!!! I wouldn’t mind so much but I was covered from neck to toe lol!!!

Anyway as a consequence I just don’t feel up to a gym session which is annoying me no end!! I think I need more patience!! I’m not good at waiting to feel better I want to feel better immediately and clearly my body has other ideas at the moment!

So today has been a good food day – an extra easy day

2 poached eggs, tomatoes, beans, bacon, 2 sausages 4 syns slice of toast and spread (HEB plus 1 syn)

Ham and spud bake (from family feasts cookbook), 3.5 syns, purple sprouting. Muller choc mint dessert with squirty cream 6 syns.


total syns for day 14.5




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