Food diary Tuesday 29th April and mini SW food haul

extra easy

Magic pancakes, chopped pear, choc shot HEB plus 1 syn

Alpen light bar (3 syns) satsuma

Mugshot, muller light yoghurt, walkers pop crisps 4.5 syns

Mexican chicken 1 syn with brown rice.
Mini party rings 5.5 syns

almond milk

total syns for day 15.5 again can’t believe over miscalculated!!! Grrr. Morale is to work out my syns value before I put the food in my mouth!!!

Popped into Tescos on way home from work to see if I could pick up any SW bargains. Stix bars (the white ones) were reduced to clear at 89p a pack (I think because use by date is July 2014). Alpen light bars are still 2 packs for £3 so picked up a couple of more boxes. Options hot chocolate sachet were on offer as well. I really like to cook these with Quinoa for breakfast then add fruit. One sachet serves two or 1 serving over 2 days which is what I mostly do.

Not looking forward to weigh in. Other than 1 meal out and going over my syns by half the lady two days I have stuck to plan but gained an astonishing amount due to these damn steroids – not too sure why I get down over it. It always happens when I am on them but made a conscious effort to stick to plan as much as possible this week. Been drinking approx 2-3 litres of water a day since I’ve been on the steroids as I’ve been experiencing raging thirst!!! Been on 8 steroids a day but also I have a steroid inhaler and a steroid based painkiller that I take every morning so adding it all up it’s probably a lot of steroids surging around my body. No wonder I’m shaking like a shitting dog lol

Still that’s enough of me feeling sorry for myself.

Off to fester in my bed and meal plan for the next week or so….





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