Changes to minced beef labelling

Thought I would share this with you all. Got it from the SW website.

“Recently we’ve become aware of some changes to the labelling of minced beef in Asda – with ‘extra lean’ mince being relabelled ‘lean’. Not surprisingly, this has caused lots of you to wonder if you’re still able to enjoy the new ‘lean’ mince as a Free Food. The short answer is, yes, the newly labelled ‘lean’ mince at Asda is a Free Food.

To give you some background, this is due to recent changes in EU labelling requirements for minced beef, to ensure that there’s more consistency around labelling and fat content in mince. Under the new legislation the label ‘extra lean’ will be phased out, and there will be three categories of mince – lean, reduced fat and standard. At this stage, we believe that ‘lean’ will contain similar fat levels to the previous ‘extra lean’, and so will still be Free Food at Slimming World (Asda have confirmed to us that their lean mince contains 5% fat or less). Reduced fat and standard mince won’t be Free.

The new law came into force from 1st January 2014, however retailers were given a few months to change their labels. So far Asda is the only major supermarket to introduce the changes, though we believe that other retailers will do so over the coming months, gradually phasing out ‘extra lean’ mince.

No other retailer is yet in a position to confirm their changes to us – however, we will be keeping an eye on other supermarkets as they make changes, and as each supermarket changes its labelling, we’ll be able to confirm and keep you updated as to whether their lean mince continues to be Free with Slimming World”.


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