Kettlecise – review

I’ve just realised I didn’t do a review of the Kettlecise DVD I bought – naughty me!

Not sure I can do a full and detailed review now, however, here goes:

you get an instructional dvd with this that shows you in detail the moves you are going to be doing as part of the workout – thats brilliant if you have never done kettlebells before and is very important as performing these moves incorrectly can and will lead to injury.

The second dvd then has a full body workout (approx 50 mins), an express routine (approx 20 mins) and an 8 minute ab blast.

I did the full body routine last Saturday with my 4kg kettlebell. Burnt nearly 400 cals and thoroughly enjoyed it. It literally worked every part of my body. But boy did I feel it the next day,I had to keep stretching out my leg muscles just so I could walk like I had pooped my pants!!

So, I can definitely recommend this DVD. If you have never done kettlebells before please watch the instructional dvd and start with the express workout before moving to the full body one.


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