Weigh in and Weightloss Bitch.

*WARNING* This post is going to be full of gushy emotionally stuff LOL

So I gained 2lbs last night at weight in. I have no one to blame but myself, that 40 syns of cakes hasn’t helped and I have been grabbing stuff rather than cooking proper SW friendly meals whilst my uncle was in hospital – not ideal but part of all the rubbish that life throws at us!!

I really want to get a loss next week to get me back on that positive path. I have two nights out, one is food and drink (BUT ITS ONLY 1 MEAL OUT OF THE DAY). The next night is food but I have decided to drive and not drink on that occasion. On the Saturday I am going to round to friends to watch the big fight! Can’t wait. There will be pizza for us. I had thought about eating before hand and not having the pizza but previous experience tells me that I will still eat the pizza, so decided to accept that, not drink alcohol instead. I will have a big cooked brunch at about 10 or 11 am and then not eat again until the night time. Which at the weekends is something I do often and it seems to work for me. Big cooked breakfast with toast as my healthy extra and I am honestly not hungry again until tea time.

So Weightloss Bitch, what can I say other than WOW WOW WOW! You could have heard a pin drop in the room, everyone was totally engrossed in what she was saying. She talked about her life, how she got to 43st, her career etc etc. There was so much of what she was saying in terms of excuses she had used to justify her eating that me and so many others in the room could identify with. Broken promises to start the diet the next day etc etc. I kept saying in my head “yep thats me, I’ve done that”.

She truly was so motivating and inspirational. She deserves a medal for deciding to go the long and hard route rather than the easy route of weightloss surgery. If I am being totally honest with myself at 43 stone I would have taken the easy route. The inner strength she must possess to go down the long and hard road is unbelievable.

A little part of me felt ashamed of my rubbish efforts at SW so far! I KNOW I can do better, I KNOW I can be more committed and I KNOW I can do this! I woke up this morning feel more motivated and inspired than I have in as long as I can remember.

She talked about the pause technique that has really hit home with me. Some of my bad food choices have been inpulse choices, so the pause technique is saying to yourself “if you still really want that massive chocolate bar in 30 minutes you can have it” then in 30 minutes if you still want it repeat and I guess keep repeating until you no longer want that massive chocolate bar that will take you over your weekly syns by at least 50!

Now I did something very similar when I did the Moonwalk (done it twice now), when I got very tired and wanted to give up I would say out loud (I must have looked at right wally) “If you are still really tired at the next mile marker you can stop for a rest” at the next mile marker I would repeat and so on. It worked, it really worked, I did stop for a rest at Albert Hall to go to the toilet but that was the only stop point for me. Once I got past the half way mark I would also tell myself “no point stopping now you are nearer the finish line than the start line might as well carry on”. So I know this technique works for me, so regardless of it being in a different circumstance, it can work for me in terms of good over bad food choices.

She also talked about a website that she highly recommends http://www.headspace.com its meditation for the modern mind! I’ve only had a very quickly look at it so can’t recommend or otherwise myself. I believe there is a 10 day free trial so I will definitely give that a good go!

Sorry for the length of the post but I felt quite strongly that I wanted to share with you my thoughts about the visit from WLB last night and the effect (very positive) its had on me! If you ever get the chance to hear her, do it!


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