Just a little update

Just a little update. Had a good trawl around Sainsburys at the weekend mainly in their free from isle. Found lots of goodies that I can eat:

Gluten free rice krispies (no barley or malt) I know they are not a HEB and I would technically need to syn them.

Dairy free tiffins – aboslutely lovely but 7.5 syns per tiny square.

Rice and buckwheat flake porridge – haven’t tried it yet but will do soon.

Some Frusli bars that are ok, 5.5 syns per bar.

The yeast and dairy free bread I found was ok, quite nice, had it toasted at the weekend. Off to buy some more today but its not a HEB and I have no idea of syns as its bmade by a one man band local person and all the NI isn’t on it.

Had some nice meals over the weekend – Gammon, pineapple, chips and mushy peas Suturday and on Sunday Italian chicken, Frylight roasted potatoes and roasted veggies – very nice.

Got my appointment with the Dietician today so hoping things will be clearer for me after that.


Weigh in result and more bad news

So I gained 2lbs at weigh in. Not surprised the previous week I didn’t eat for 3 days when I lost my Millie then I just started to eat normally again, no particularly off plan either.

I have had some blood tests done for food intolerences and the results came back Tuesday, I have a high intolerance of the following:

Dairy products
Yeast (including all alcohol containing yeast)
Wine (made from grapes)
Cashew nuts!!

Wasn’t shocked by dairy, as when I was a vegetarian I went vegan for a while and noticed a massive improvement in my asthma and eszema but the rest floored me a bit.

Feels at the moment like SW will be difficult to follow to the letter with what I need to cut out of my diet. There are NO healthy extra suitable yeast free breads, only 1 wrap (bfree) which is ok but I wouldn’t want to eat them all the time and I need to drive to the otherside of the next town to get any. I can’t have the Arla Lactofree cheese (as it contains stuff I can’t eat), the Pure cheese isn’t readily available where I live and is expensive. The Tescos Free from cheese doesn’t appear to be a healthy extra and the same brand Soya yoghurt isn’t free.

My consultant is going to email the SW nutritionist to ask for advice as everyone (including) me is scratching their heads at the moment. My priority right now is to get my head around what I CAN and can’t eat then figure out how that all sits with SW.

So my food diaries might look a touch weird for a while. Until I get firm guidance from SW HQ I am intending on using the Tescos Free From Soya yoghurt (plain) as a free yoghurt and Misson mini wraps and Yeast free bread (very small slices) as healthy extra B’s. I will probably syn cheese (soya cheese) when I have it and will syn flavoured soya yoghurts if have those.

I’ve started cutting out the foods I can’t tolerant and the plan is to have them out of my diet by Monday which is when I have my first dietician appointment. Hopefully I will feel a lot better and healthier in a few weeks!