What a weekend

Well what a weekend that was!! Was out Friday night with two good friends once of which I haven’t seen for 12 months so that was lovely to catch up with them. Drink and curry was involved but the rest of the meals that day were bang on plan.

Saturday – had a cooked breakfast then nothing until night time as I was at friends to watch the Froch Groves II fight – you may be realised from this blog what a huge boxing fan I am and that I’m Secretary and Child Protection Officer for a amateur boxing club. Pizza and burgers were on offer, I had one burger (cooked on a griddle) and one slice of pizza – quite restrained for me.

Sunday was bang on plan again, but no exercise as my witch of a cat literally kept me awake all night by proding me, jumping on various parts of my body and being a damn right nusiance all night long!

No exercise tonight either my lovely little pouch Millie needs to go to the vets. But at least I walk to work which is 20 mins each way so getting some exercise each day.


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