Weigh in result and more bad news

So I gained 2lbs at weigh in. Not surprised the previous week I didn’t eat for 3 days when I lost my Millie then I just started to eat normally again, no particularly off plan either.

I have had some blood tests done for food intolerences and the results came back Tuesday, I have a high intolerance of the following:

Dairy products
Yeast (including all alcohol containing yeast)
Wine (made from grapes)
Cashew nuts!!

Wasn’t shocked by dairy, as when I was a vegetarian I went vegan for a while and noticed a massive improvement in my asthma and eszema but the rest floored me a bit.

Feels at the moment like SW will be difficult to follow to the letter with what I need to cut out of my diet. There are NO healthy extra suitable yeast free breads, only 1 wrap (bfree) which is ok but I wouldn’t want to eat them all the time and I need to drive to the otherside of the next town to get any. I can’t have the Arla Lactofree cheese (as it contains stuff I can’t eat), the Pure cheese isn’t readily available where I live and is expensive. The Tescos Free from cheese doesn’t appear to be a healthy extra and the same brand Soya yoghurt isn’t free.

My consultant is going to email the SW nutritionist to ask for advice as everyone (including) me is scratching their heads at the moment. My priority right now is to get my head around what I CAN and can’t eat then figure out how that all sits with SW.

So my food diaries might look a touch weird for a while. Until I get firm guidance from SW HQ I am intending on using the Tescos Free From Soya yoghurt (plain) as a free yoghurt and Misson mini wraps and Yeast free bread (very small slices) as healthy extra B’s. I will probably syn cheese (soya cheese) when I have it and will syn flavoured soya yoghurts if have those.

I’ve started cutting out the foods I can’t tolerant and the plan is to have them out of my diet by Monday which is when I have my first dietician appointment. Hopefully I will feel a lot better and healthier in a few weeks!


6 thoughts on “Weigh in result and more bad news

  1. Lydia the tesco cheese you mentioned is sheese just in tescos wrapper they do make it for them honestly check out their website and it is a healthy extra B on green 30g for the cheddar style and smoked cheddar. Its not great though to be honest I have the same problem and have found alpro yogurts 2syns each for all the flavoued ones very nice also tescos free from soya yogurts cherry, mango and raspberry and passionfruit are all 2syns each i have heard that vbites sheese from holland and barrets is ok but wouldnt know where that would fit into slimming world they dont seem to do much research into exclusion diets. Soda bread is yeast free and it does state on class booklet 60g of any bread so should be alright and always easy to find at the supermarket.
    You have been an inspiration to me through some of my tough times so I hope this helps you a little. A word of warning though you can get withdrawal symptoms from giving up dairy which can be difficult I suffered badly with tiredness I hope you manage to get through symptom free.
    So sorry to hear about your little pooch pets are so much a part of our lives and like best friends. All my best wishes to you.
    Sam x

    • Sam THANK YOU SO MUCH you have been more helpful than my consultant has been! Most of the soda bread I’ve looked at so far has milk in but I’m still looking. I found a gluten wheat dairy and yeast free bread in my local health food shop slices are tiny and it’s expensive but it looks quite nice. Going to have it for breakfast tomorrow so will let you know what it’s like. I think I need not to be too hard on myself I will get there. Lots of research still to do. Thanks again xx

      • Sorry my bad I forgot about the buttermilk! You could make your own I suppose its really easy and just use 60g of that. Mix a tsp of cider vinegar with soy or almond milk however much in mls that your recipe would have used for buttermilk let it stand a while then make the bread. I remember watching something about replacing eggs with vinegar in cake recipes it works with the raising agents to do the same job that the eggs do.
        Might come in handy for you someday. 🙂

      • Had to tell you of something I’ve just tried. From sainsburys ice cream isle Swedish glace soya based non- dairy ice cream yippie!! And its really nice 110 kcals per 100mls which makes it 5.5 syns per serving:)

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