Just a little update

Just a little update. Had a good trawl around Sainsburys at the weekend mainly in their free from isle. Found lots of goodies that I can eat:

Gluten free rice krispies (no barley or malt) I know they are not a HEB and I would technically need to syn them.

Dairy free tiffins – aboslutely lovely but 7.5 syns per tiny square.

Rice and buckwheat flake porridge – haven’t tried it yet but will do soon.

Some Frusli bars that are ok, 5.5 syns per bar.

The yeast and dairy free bread I found was ok, quite nice, had it toasted at the weekend. Off to buy some more today but its not a HEB and I have no idea of syns as its bmade by a one man band local person and all the NI isn’t on it.

Had some nice meals over the weekend – Gammon, pineapple, chips and mushy peas Suturday and on Sunday Italian chicken, Frylight roasted potatoes and roasted veggies – very nice.

Got my appointment with the Dietician today so hoping things will be clearer for me after that.


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