eating out tonight

YIKES!!! I’m eating out tonight for the first time since my food intolerance diagnosis. Have been panicking a wee bit worrying what I can and can’t eat.

We are eating at Chiquitos in Coventry. I’ve just looked on the menu and I think there’s plenty for me to eat. To start I can still have my favourite Nachos just hold the cheese and sour cream. For main there’s plenty to choose from as well. I know I can have tortilla wraps and I could have either the veggie or normal chilli or the chicken and BBQ pulled pork – just hold the cheese folks!!

Don’t know why I was so worried!

Really looking forward to it now.


WWPP Food diary Thursday 10th July 2014

WWPP allowance 28

Raspberry and blueberry smoothie (raspberries, blueberries, soya yoghurt, splash of almond milk, water, icecubes). 2PP
Slice of yeast free toast 2PP
spread 1PP

snack frusli bar 3PP

4 x crackerbread 2PP
wafer thin ham 2PP
Sunbites 3PP

banana, nectarine

Jacket potato 8PP
1/2 tin baked beans 5PP
spread 1PP

total points used 31

Weeklies remaining 46

Chocolate, thats right I said CHOCOLATE

We have a new shop opened up where I live call Fat Moo Moo and they sell dairy free chocolate and fudge so I obviously had to buy some.

The raw vanilla fudge was GROSS!! Tasted like mouldy digestive biscuits, will not be buying that again.

The raw chocolate fudge was ok, again the consistency of mouldy digestives but at least has a rich dark chocolate taste but I don’t think I will buy this again.

Chocolate orange buttons, these were lovely, there is something very slightly different about the texture compared to Cadbury’s buttons but the flavour was similar and I enjoyed them only 4PP for a bag so I won’t be complaining!

Conscious mint chocolate – haven’t tried this yet, its still in the fridge but I tried a sample of the orange version in the shop and it was lush, you don’t need a lot because its uber rich but definitely a re-buy option.

I’ve left the best to last – Raw chocolate pie with Himalyan pink salt OMG OMG OMG this was amazing, I literally could eat this for the rest of my life and nothing else. There is something uniquely exotic about that sweet and salt combination. Can highly recommend this to anyone!!


New finds

I haven’t yet worked out the PP for this little lot but I will. Very excited to find these as they will make life easier for me:

Egg replacer – can be used in cakes and baking.
Omlette replacer – not idea what this is going to taste like – will report back
Yeast free seeded bread mix and pizza base bix
Yeast, dairy free chocolate muffin mix
Corn crumbs to use instead of breadcrumbs.

Going to use quite a few of these bits over the weekend so I will report back and let you all know what they are like


Start of my new start

So last night I went to my first Weight Watchers class. A good friend of mine was also there as an existing member so I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t as busy or crowded as my old SW class and everyone seemed really friendly.

I had a good conversation with the leader (although this isn’t my “regular” leader as she was on holiday). We went through my intolerances, then we went through “filling and healthy” plan and food list and decided that for the time being, whilst I am still getting my head around what foods I can and can’t eat I should stick to point.

I had lost 1/2lb from my last SW weigh in last week so thats ok, actually thats no ok thats bloody brilliant considering I wasn’t following WWPP particularly seriously, but the amount of food I am consuming has reduced since my intolerance discovery so thats probably the reason. However, I am fully on board the WWPP choo choo train from today.

All hail new beginnings! Actually feel quite excited.

WWPP food diary Sunday 6th July 2014

Points allowance for day 29

2 bacon medallion 1PP
tinned tomatoes 0PP
Beans 5PP
2 Hash browns 6PP
1 slice yeast free toast 2PP
spread 1PP

Roast chicken 6PP
Potatoes roasted in Frylight 9PP
Broccoli and cauliflower

350mls Almond Milk 2PP

total points used 32
Weekly points remaining 43




daily allowance 29

Blueberry and apple smoothie ( blueberries apple soya yoghurt ice cubes) 3PP
2 slices yeast free bread 4 PP
Spread 2PP
marmalade 2PP

Tesco finest bacon loin 4PP
Pineapple ring 0PP
homemade potato wedges 9PP
Salad 0PP

350mls Almond milk 2PP