Proper update

Hi guys

Time for a proper update! I had an appointment Monday with a Clinical Nutritionist which was brilliant – she was helpful and informative and explained in great detail about my intolerances. How I got them, what effect each one has on my body, what I can eat, what I can’t eat and what I can only eat in moderation. What I can expect to happen over the next 6 weeks – IE if I eliminate these “no no” foods from my diet I will feel considerably better – my Asthma and wheezing will improve, my eczema will improve, inner ear itching, allergic Rhinitis, skin itching and dryness will all improve and hopefully symptons disappear. After 6 weeks we will try to introduce duck and quail eggs and see if I react to those. I felt so much better after talking to her, things seemed clearer in my mind and less overwhelming. We also had a long chat about mainstream diets – which ones she thought were great and not so great.

Which brings me to a big decision I have made – I am leaving Slimming World and moving to WeightWatchers. Now this wasn’t an easy decision. I LOVE Slimming World and I will continue to recommend it to people that are looking for a diet that works. BUT it feels too difficult to continue with all my intolerances and I really don’t feel supported by SW at the moment.

I was really struggling with what I could have, especially for healthy extras. If I had been gluten intolerant that would have been so much easier as SW had done a fact sheet on gluten intolerances and a list of alternative health extras. But they haven’t done much research into other intolerances. Finding bread that doesn’t contain yeast (or dairy) has been difficult but I have found some. No one seems to know if I can have this as a healthy extra. There are no suitable cereal bars that I could have and I couldn’t find a recipe easily where I could make my own. Plain soya yoghurt needed to be synned even though NI wasn’t much different to Mullerlights – etc etc I could go on and on for ages but I won’t bore you LOL.

It was suggested in class last night that I simply no longer have my healthy extra B’s my response was “why should I give them up” and thats exactly how I feel.

I asked my consultant for help – she eventually emailed SW head office and the reply back was far more concerned with where I had the tests done and the validity that actually helping me find alternative foods – in fact the only suggestion was to look at gluten free foods – so I had to for the 2nd time reiterate that I wasn’t gluten intolerant even though I had expressed that in my original email to my consultant. I won’t go on too much as I don’t want to come across as if I am “consultant bashing” I’m not she’s amazing but I did very much feel unsupported. I realise that my request was out of the ordinary but thats not really my fault, I needed help, I didn’t feel that it should all be up to me to do all the hard work of trying to figure everything out.

So I made the decision to move. With WW I can eat anything I just need to point it and stay within my “points” budget, it feels that I won’t have to worry too much – as long as I can find or work out the points.

So I have changed the name of my blog to reflect that this is a weightloss journey.

I am still happy to try and help anyone with a SW question and like I said earlier I love the SW plan, its great just not great for me right now.

I’m still going to post my food diary and photos. I still have a long journey ahead of me. There seems to have been a string of trials and tribulations this year hampering my weightloss efforts – but I love a good challenge!!

Over and out!


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