My First WW food diary – Thursday 3rd July

I don’t start going to class until next Wednesday so will be following ProPoints via their website until I get to meet the Leader. I have already had a conversation with her and we have decided that I will sit down with her at the end of the class, we will go through the various plans and see what will slot in nicely with my intolerances.

Daily points allowance – 29

40g Sainsburys FreeFrom Rice and buckwheat porridge – 4pp
half a pear – 0pp

Frusli cranberry bar – 3pp
Nectarine – 0pp

Misson mini wrap – 3pp
2 slices of ham – 2 pp
Sunbites – 3pp

banana – 0pp

Jacket potato (250g) 9pp
Half tin of beans – 4pp

Total points used 30
Weekly points remaining – 48

Sorry there’s no photos, totally forgot to take any.


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