I’m back……………………….

As the title suggests I’m back with huge apologies for my absence. Life just got too much so I needed a break. Was and still am very upset about losing my lovely Millie Moo. But I have decided to get another puppy, life is too lonely and quiet without one. So watch this space but fingers crossed before Christmas I should have a new little baby girl to love and fuss.

Sometime ago I mentioned work problems, well they are all resolved now. Long story short I line managed a man that was quite frankly very awkward and made work life difficult. I totally got that he hated his job and hated the organisation but he did and said a few things that were out of line. I have basically been doing his job and mine for quite some time now. He has left the organisation now. My boss did a re-organisation in her office and his job and mine were got rid of, fortunately for me I managed to bag myself a promotion which was a huge relief and I am very happy about the promotion. Work life has been manic for a long time now and I have been just going home and falling alseep! But I, as of today, have a new assistant so work life is definitely looking up.

In other good news I have bought my first ever brand new car – a Kia Picanto- he is absolutely lovely, I adore him LOL!!

Weightwatchers hasn’t been going brilliant either. Nothing to do with the plan, the plan works I know that, its me – eating out too much, too lazy/tired to cook properly at night etc etc. Oh that and discovering salted raw chocolate which I ate in an ambundance – have banned myself from buying any for a while!!

Trying to get back on it now, though, its only 7 weeks until my American adventure and I really want to be 10lbs light by then, so time to cut the crap and get on plan!!

I have started exercising again with a vengence!

So food diary to follow!

Thanks for bearing with me guys!


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