Weekend away

My lovely mummy treated us to a weekend away in Kent. We stayed at Hever Castle which was amazing, it was very expensive but so worth it, the rooms were amazing, decorated in 1920’s style, the service was first class and the breakfast served the next morning was literally the best I’ve ever been offered. They had a half litre of soya milk in the room ready for my arrival and at breakfast more soya milk and dairy free spread!

Hever Catle is simply stunning, this wasn’t my first visit but I never tire of the place being a complete tudor geek.

On the way home we stopped off at Chartwell which was Sir Winston Churchill’s country home. Lovely place, stunning gardens. The house had so much of the original furniture, fixtures and fittings as well as photographs – you got a real sense of who the Churchills really were.

My eating could have been better but more importantly could have been so much worse and I am right back on plan today.

I made some BNS and tomato soup yesterday as soon as I got back home.

A few photos from my weekend.






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