Weigh in and off on my jollies!

Lost 1/2lb last night, happy with that. Taking my total weight loss to 1st 1lb.

Life as usual as been manic, both at work and at home hence the lack of posts!  So a very short update to say that I am off on my holidays to America tomorrow and will be back in 11 days or so.  I will hopefully be post far more regularly then.

In the meantime here’s a photo of my lovely new puppy who I pick up to bring to her forever home on 18th October, I’ve named her Clover-Rose.

clover 4 weeks


Weigh in the results………….

2lbs off for me last night.  Very very happy with that.  Takes my total loss back up to 14.5lbs which makes me the lightest I’ve been in 3 years.

Aiming for a STS next week as its my birthday on Monday and I have two consecutive boozey/foodie nights out.

Food diary Saturday 6th September 2014

So tonight I am walking the Moonlight walk in aid of Myton Hospice which is a local hospice to me and its an amazing place! So I need to make sure I well fuelled (foodwise) so I can manage all 8 miles


1 x posh puppy sausage 3PP

1 slice of yeast free toast and spread 3PP



Duck Egg

2 bacon medallions

Homemade tofu and vegetable Thai green curry with brown rice 2PP

pre moonlight walk
Natures valley ginger crunch bars 5PP

weekly points remaining 9

exercise moonlight walk for myton hospice 8 miles in 150 mins = 14 points earned





Lovely dinner

I made this gorgeous dinner last week and just wanted to share it with you, super easy!!


Tin of Heinz Tuscan beans



halved cherry tomatoes


Put everything in to a casserole dish and bake at 180 degrees for 1 hour (if the fillets are whole, less if chopped)


I served mine with mashed potato and it would so lovely!!


Weigh in the results…………………

Before I get to my results just a little recap on my week.  Busy busy busy.  Work is manic, social life and obligation to friends and family manic!!  Hence why I haven’t had time to post my food diaries!

In some respects I literally cannot wait for little Clover to arrive so I can have a rest and I have the perfect excuse not to go out for a good while LOL!]

So I lost 1/2lb which quite happy with, I would have preferred a pound but its still a loss.  My food was spot on this last week but Friday night I did drink half a bottle of vodka that I wasn’t planned on consuming!!

Right now I’m just planned my weeks food.

Saturday night I am doing the Moonlight work for our local hospice, looking forward to that!

Weigh in the results……………

Gained half a pound.  I’m beyond disappointed, I really really didn’t deserve a gain.  But then I probably didn’t deserve 1.5lbs loss last week after my weekend away (more like half to 1lb would be more deserving) so I guess its caught up with me.

However, I am officially waging a war on my fat! I am going to be vengeful and ruthless and I will not give in- the fat will go before I give in!!