Start of my new start

So last night I went to my first Weight Watchers class. A good friend of mine was also there as an existing member so I wasn’t alone. It wasn’t as busy or crowded as my old SW class and everyone seemed really friendly.

I had a good conversation with the leader (although this isn’t my “regular” leader as she was on holiday). We went through my intolerances, then we went through “filling and healthy” plan and food list and decided that for the time being, whilst I am still getting my head around what foods I can and can’t eat I should stick to point.

I had lost 1/2lb from my last SW weigh in last week so thats ok, actually thats no ok thats bloody brilliant considering I wasn’t following WWPP particularly seriously, but the amount of food I am consuming has reduced since my intolerance discovery so thats probably the reason. However, I am fully on board the WWPP choo choo train from today.

All hail new beginnings! Actually feel quite excited.


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